25 September 2011

Wasted time yesterday…lots to do today!

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for getting my “to do’s” done. I stopped at a friends on Friday night, then hung around at hers yesterday morning, then went shopping with the girls yesterday afternoon – with no money so that was really pointless and a waste of time! I did however have time to do some washing, do the housework and set up the direct debits to start paying off my credit card. So actually didn’t do too badly.

Whilst sorting out my list of “To Do’s” for the weekend I realised that my long term “To Do’s” were far more interesting than the usual housework, washing etc. So I am looking forward to ticking some of those off:

  • Spanish lessons
  • Book travel writing workshop
  • Book holiday

I’ll let you know how I get on with these soon – hopefully the holiday one will be sooner rather than later! Eek! I love holidays!

Today though, I really need to get to work on some theatre company work and make an apple crumble for the usual girls night in later which has to involve pudding – obviously – and as we have an abundance of apples at the moment and I like crumble, an apple crumble seems the perfect choice. Although as I am going back on Slimming World next week, pudding may have to be replaced by fruit…without crumble and custard for a few months L.

So today:

  • Make crumble
  • File bank statements, pay slips etc
  • Blog – DONE!
  • Tweet
  • Write press release for theatre company panto
  • Finish designs for tickets and posters for panto
  • Sort out GBMTC files
  • E-mail local journalist about doing a feature for company
  • Amend the meeting minutes
  • E-mail Jason with fundraising dates
  • Go for dinner at Mamma and Pappa smurfs
  • Girls night in – don’t forget crumble and custard

Best get going!

21 September 2011

Not so crazy anymore

Ok, so I managed to complete my “To Do” list that I was thinking about at silly o’clock on Monday morning. I also completed something that should have been on my list in the first place:
·         Cut down workload
I decided that I definitely could not spend the next three weeks awake at 5 thinking about work, getting to work at 7 then leaving at 6.30. So I told my boss that I had too much to do and some tasks would have to be left...which actually went down OK and I have a manageable workload J
Monday at work was a little hectic though and my housemate had a really bad day involving the male species, so our food shop trolley that evening contained a bottle of wine, Christmas cake and ice-cream – FAT COWS!
Anyway, now my work is sorted I can get on with my own life’s “To Do” list. So tonight:
·         Find paper counterpart to driving license – and complete update to driving license
·         Iron and put away the rest of my clothes that were left drying at the weekend
·         Write my “To Do” list for the weekend!
Not the most exciting activities on my “To Do” list, but I don’t want to do anything too taxing mid-week; I will save the more interesting activities for the weekend.

Just a final thought, not doing very well on my daily "To Do" list - MUST TRY HARDER!

19 September 2011

Not looking forward to this week, or next!

OK so yesterdays plan almost went well. I did my washing and put it away – most of it but some was still wet. I sorted out my room – but still needs a vac. I sorted out the wedding songs for my friends wedding – which I am actually getting a little bit excited about doing now! I met my friend James for a very good catch up on the last 4 months of our lives – which also included some pub grub and of course had to include pudding, and attempted yet again to change the details on my driving license but this time I couldn’t find my paper counterpart to my license so yet again I have not completed that task and it needs to go back on the “To Do” list along with “FIND PAPER COUNTERPART YOU MOOSE”!

So anyway, why am I blogging at 5:48 AM? Yes…that is AM!!! Well, in all honesty I am stressing over work. I mentioned the other day that it is enrolment time for the students, which is a very, very busy period for us. Over the past two years the “powers that be” have decided to keep changing the student record system which means that for two years running the admissions and enrolment process has been very different and therefore we have had to change what we do to keep up with it which would be fine had the changes not been very unorganised, the training very last minute and communication NIL!

Generally at work I am the receptionist, but at this time of year I “help out” the admissions team. But last year I got very heavily involved in the organisation of the process and came up with a lot of ideas that were used, which did work well. The only thing was I was then expected to do my normal job AND organise everything else I had come up with which was just a little bit too much and half way through the first week I cracked - for all of half an hour before realising no one else was going to do it and I got on with it! However this year, I have also been covering one of the admissions officer roles for a lady who is off sick, plus doing my own job, plus the enrolment stuff from last year, plus new enrolment stuff that has come up because of the change in the system this year…it’s the first day of enrolment, I am already awake at 5AM thinking about it, I already worked three days last week from 7.30AM to 6.15PM, I really don’t want to go to work …….. I think I have already cracked!

Back in a sec need to hit the shower…

So I’m ready to go and face the day – sort of.

To Do when I get to work

  • Make coffee
  • Pull off student list from system
  • Print all student lists for that day
  • Print anything else reception desk will need
  • Change digital screens around the building for the day
  • Go to the marquee to enrol

18 September 2011

Too busy for lists

Well, since Tuesday the “To Do” list hasn’t really worked – I didn’t even have time to write the list! I am working for a uni at the moment and over the next few weeks we are enrolling all the new students, which take’s ages and is more complicated than people think, preparation is key and that all seems to have been left to me! So this week I have been working from 7ish in the morning until 6ish at night having no time to make a list before starting on the stuff I need to do. So a mental list has had to do for the past few days.

On Tuesday I went straight from work to pick up my mom and have tea at mom and dads – a Tuesday tradition – then straight to Zumba – had never been before and loved it. Then went straight to the musical theatre group I go to which meets on a Tuesday; then home to bed to be up for work again on Wednesday. Had two more busy days Wednesday and Thursday, then after work Thursday had to clear out my car and go to the supermarket to get sandwich stuff for the next day – for the people helping my mom move house Friday – then to my theatre group again for their panto rehearsal so I could take a photo for the local newspaper, then home to bed. Got up Friday made sandwiches and went to help my mom move out of the house they had been in for 22 years, and the house I have lived in most of my lifeL. Sad times, but the new house is lovely and I think they will be happy there so that’s all ok.

So Friday and Saturday were spent setting up my mom and dads new house and today I need to get down to that “To Do” list again. I have re-organised the list into theatre group stuff to do, my own stuff to do, daily things to do and weekly things to do. I have already covered two things on my daily list, tweeting from my account and tweeting for the theatre company, and if I count this blog entry as well, that makes three things from the daily list, which is in fact all of my daily list.

Other things to do today are:

  • Do washing, ironing and put it away
  • Tidy and clean room
  • Sort out wedding songs for my friend
  • Change the details on my driving license
  • Meet my friend for a good old catch up

OK, so now I think I am back on track, I need to get going!

13 September 2011

Big fat FAIL!

OK, so the weekend’s tasks went out the window for one reason or another; I started the minutes for the meeting but had to complete them last night and now have some amendments, and I could not change the details on my driving license because the DVLA website was having technical problems! However, I did manage to post my car registration form, do the housework, and clean the fish out which were the other things on my list. What an exciting life ay! Well have a busy few days and weeks coming up and need to get myself organised. So the next thing on my “To Do” list...is to categorize the list. Really need to do that before Thursday, I have a lot to do on Thursday evening before my mom moves house and need to get my brain organised before then!

10 September 2011

The first list

Two weeks ago I was in sunny Lanzarote with two good friends. We did the usual procedure in the airport on the way - eating, and then shopping for the holiday reads. WH Smiths had their usual offers on - this year buy one get one half price. After browsing the shelves for a few moments I spotted "The Single Girls To Do List" by Lindsey Kelk - an author I was already familiar with. So, knowing I liked the authors writing style, and being a single girl, and a bit of a fan of "To Do" lists; I thought I would give it a bash. That’s how this all started!

This week I started writing my first “to do” list for my personal life. I haven’t put anything in any particular order; I have just kept adding things to the list as they cropped up during the week. I am quite amazed at all the little things I need to do at some point; from buying a new laptop, to booking a dentist appointment, creating a song list for my friends wedding, to buying shelves for my bedroom, from starting this blog, to typing up the minutes from the theatre company meeting on Tuesday. It is the most random list I think have ever made! But because it is so random, my slight OCD I have for organizing things means I need to separate the list into categories e.g. Theatre Company stuff, stuff to do each day, stuff to do that week, and long term things to do.

I started with 33 things to do, I have already crossed off 3…4 including this one. I reckon I can work my way through another 4 or 5 this weekend.

Today’s To Do List

-         update car registration details
-         update address on driving license
-         type up theatre company minutes and send to committee members

I’ll let you know how I get on. I will also be tweeting about my progress @HannahLWatson.