18 September 2011

Too busy for lists

Well, since Tuesday the “To Do” list hasn’t really worked – I didn’t even have time to write the list! I am working for a uni at the moment and over the next few weeks we are enrolling all the new students, which take’s ages and is more complicated than people think, preparation is key and that all seems to have been left to me! So this week I have been working from 7ish in the morning until 6ish at night having no time to make a list before starting on the stuff I need to do. So a mental list has had to do for the past few days.

On Tuesday I went straight from work to pick up my mom and have tea at mom and dads – a Tuesday tradition – then straight to Zumba – had never been before and loved it. Then went straight to the musical theatre group I go to which meets on a Tuesday; then home to bed to be up for work again on Wednesday. Had two more busy days Wednesday and Thursday, then after work Thursday had to clear out my car and go to the supermarket to get sandwich stuff for the next day – for the people helping my mom move house Friday – then to my theatre group again for their panto rehearsal so I could take a photo for the local newspaper, then home to bed. Got up Friday made sandwiches and went to help my mom move out of the house they had been in for 22 years, and the house I have lived in most of my lifeL. Sad times, but the new house is lovely and I think they will be happy there so that’s all ok.

So Friday and Saturday were spent setting up my mom and dads new house and today I need to get down to that “To Do” list again. I have re-organised the list into theatre group stuff to do, my own stuff to do, daily things to do and weekly things to do. I have already covered two things on my daily list, tweeting from my account and tweeting for the theatre company, and if I count this blog entry as well, that makes three things from the daily list, which is in fact all of my daily list.

Other things to do today are:

  • Do washing, ironing and put it away
  • Tidy and clean room
  • Sort out wedding songs for my friend
  • Change the details on my driving license
  • Meet my friend for a good old catch up

OK, so now I think I am back on track, I need to get going!

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