10 September 2011

The first list

Two weeks ago I was in sunny Lanzarote with two good friends. We did the usual procedure in the airport on the way - eating, and then shopping for the holiday reads. WH Smiths had their usual offers on - this year buy one get one half price. After browsing the shelves for a few moments I spotted "The Single Girls To Do List" by Lindsey Kelk - an author I was already familiar with. So, knowing I liked the authors writing style, and being a single girl, and a bit of a fan of "To Do" lists; I thought I would give it a bash. That’s how this all started!

This week I started writing my first “to do” list for my personal life. I haven’t put anything in any particular order; I have just kept adding things to the list as they cropped up during the week. I am quite amazed at all the little things I need to do at some point; from buying a new laptop, to booking a dentist appointment, creating a song list for my friends wedding, to buying shelves for my bedroom, from starting this blog, to typing up the minutes from the theatre company meeting on Tuesday. It is the most random list I think have ever made! But because it is so random, my slight OCD I have for organizing things means I need to separate the list into categories e.g. Theatre Company stuff, stuff to do each day, stuff to do that week, and long term things to do.

I started with 33 things to do, I have already crossed off 3…4 including this one. I reckon I can work my way through another 4 or 5 this weekend.

Today’s To Do List

-         update car registration details
-         update address on driving license
-         type up theatre company minutes and send to committee members

I’ll let you know how I get on. I will also be tweeting about my progress @HannahLWatson.

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