21 September 2011

Not so crazy anymore

Ok, so I managed to complete my “To Do” list that I was thinking about at silly o’clock on Monday morning. I also completed something that should have been on my list in the first place:
·         Cut down workload
I decided that I definitely could not spend the next three weeks awake at 5 thinking about work, getting to work at 7 then leaving at 6.30. So I told my boss that I had too much to do and some tasks would have to be left...which actually went down OK and I have a manageable workload J
Monday at work was a little hectic though and my housemate had a really bad day involving the male species, so our food shop trolley that evening contained a bottle of wine, Christmas cake and ice-cream – FAT COWS!
Anyway, now my work is sorted I can get on with my own life’s “To Do” list. So tonight:
·         Find paper counterpart to driving license – and complete update to driving license
·         Iron and put away the rest of my clothes that were left drying at the weekend
·         Write my “To Do” list for the weekend!
Not the most exciting activities on my “To Do” list, but I don’t want to do anything too taxing mid-week; I will save the more interesting activities for the weekend.

Just a final thought, not doing very well on my daily "To Do" list - MUST TRY HARDER!

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