25 September 2011

Wasted time yesterday…lots to do today!

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for getting my “to do’s” done. I stopped at a friends on Friday night, then hung around at hers yesterday morning, then went shopping with the girls yesterday afternoon – with no money so that was really pointless and a waste of time! I did however have time to do some washing, do the housework and set up the direct debits to start paying off my credit card. So actually didn’t do too badly.

Whilst sorting out my list of “To Do’s” for the weekend I realised that my long term “To Do’s” were far more interesting than the usual housework, washing etc. So I am looking forward to ticking some of those off:

  • Spanish lessons
  • Book travel writing workshop
  • Book holiday

I’ll let you know how I get on with these soon – hopefully the holiday one will be sooner rather than later! Eek! I love holidays!

Today though, I really need to get to work on some theatre company work and make an apple crumble for the usual girls night in later which has to involve pudding – obviously – and as we have an abundance of apples at the moment and I like crumble, an apple crumble seems the perfect choice. Although as I am going back on Slimming World next week, pudding may have to be replaced by fruit…without crumble and custard for a few months L.

So today:

  • Make crumble
  • File bank statements, pay slips etc
  • Blog – DONE!
  • Tweet
  • Write press release for theatre company panto
  • Finish designs for tickets and posters for panto
  • Sort out GBMTC files
  • E-mail local journalist about doing a feature for company
  • Amend the meeting minutes
  • E-mail Jason with fundraising dates
  • Go for dinner at Mamma and Pappa smurfs
  • Girls night in – don’t forget crumble and custard

Best get going!

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