19 September 2011

Not looking forward to this week, or next!

OK so yesterdays plan almost went well. I did my washing and put it away – most of it but some was still wet. I sorted out my room – but still needs a vac. I sorted out the wedding songs for my friends wedding – which I am actually getting a little bit excited about doing now! I met my friend James for a very good catch up on the last 4 months of our lives – which also included some pub grub and of course had to include pudding, and attempted yet again to change the details on my driving license but this time I couldn’t find my paper counterpart to my license so yet again I have not completed that task and it needs to go back on the “To Do” list along with “FIND PAPER COUNTERPART YOU MOOSE”!

So anyway, why am I blogging at 5:48 AM? Yes…that is AM!!! Well, in all honesty I am stressing over work. I mentioned the other day that it is enrolment time for the students, which is a very, very busy period for us. Over the past two years the “powers that be” have decided to keep changing the student record system which means that for two years running the admissions and enrolment process has been very different and therefore we have had to change what we do to keep up with it which would be fine had the changes not been very unorganised, the training very last minute and communication NIL!

Generally at work I am the receptionist, but at this time of year I “help out” the admissions team. But last year I got very heavily involved in the organisation of the process and came up with a lot of ideas that were used, which did work well. The only thing was I was then expected to do my normal job AND organise everything else I had come up with which was just a little bit too much and half way through the first week I cracked - for all of half an hour before realising no one else was going to do it and I got on with it! However this year, I have also been covering one of the admissions officer roles for a lady who is off sick, plus doing my own job, plus the enrolment stuff from last year, plus new enrolment stuff that has come up because of the change in the system this year…it’s the first day of enrolment, I am already awake at 5AM thinking about it, I already worked three days last week from 7.30AM to 6.15PM, I really don’t want to go to work …….. I think I have already cracked!

Back in a sec need to hit the shower…

So I’m ready to go and face the day – sort of.

To Do when I get to work

  • Make coffee
  • Pull off student list from system
  • Print all student lists for that day
  • Print anything else reception desk will need
  • Change digital screens around the building for the day
  • Go to the marquee to enrol

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